We have close links with FFLAG the national charitable organisation - Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays - and information and booklets are available.

Other groups have websites which are also helpful (updated Nov 2015)..

Families Together London

BPSG — Birmingham Parents' Support Group

SPLAG — Support for Parents of Lesbians and Gay Men (Wales)

Lincs. Parents LGBT Support — Lincolnshire Parents of LGBT children support group

Manchester Parents Group

Other websites which may interest parents and provide support...


Pride (Birmingham)

Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra

Rainbow Voices

LGB Parenting

Pink Parents - An organisation for lesbian, gay and bisexual parents. Telephone/Skype: 01380 727935.

D'Arcy Lainey Foundation, PO Box 417, Oldham, OL2 7WT, Tel: 0161 633 2037 (no website)

Gay Dads UK - An internet based support group for gay men in the UK that have had children.

Bisexual Advice and Support - The American Institute of Bisexuality - Gender and Body Politics

Support for Straight Spouses

Straight Spouse Network USA -

Bonnie Kaye USA -

Support for children of LGBT parents

Colage - Support for children of lesbians and gays everywhere. UK contact: Anna Carlsson

LGBT Domestic Abuse Support

Broken Rainbow UK runs the only National LGBT Domestic Violence Helpline, providing confidential support to all members of the LGBT communities, their family and friends, and agencies supporting them.
Helpline/Skype: 0300 999 5428.

Adults and Young People affected by homophobia

EACH (Educational Action Challenging Homophobia) is an award-winning charity for adults and young people affected by homophobia. it is also a training agency for employers and organisations committed to realising an equal and safe working environment for all.

Links to the NHS livewell pages

My homophobic bullying story

Am I gay, lesbian or bisexual?


'Living It Out: A survival guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians, and their friends, families and churches'. Rachel and Sarah Hagger-Holt (2009). This is a very practical and wide-ranging book and an excellent source of further reading.

'Prayers for Bobby'. Leroy Aarons (1995) Harrowing and true story of a fundamentalist Christian mother in the US who did not accept her son's sexuality until after he committed suicide. Now a TV documentary in the US.

'Love Thy Neighbour: What people really think about homosexuality' (2008) Stonewall

'I think my son or daughter is gay: Guidance for parents of gay children in the Church of Ireland'- Gerry Lynch (2011) Changing Attitude Ireland

From Wild goose Publications, The Iona Community:
'Coming In' by Urs Mattmann
'Sexuality - Bible studies' by Graeme Brown
'Dreaming of Eden' by Kathy Galloway.


Interfaith Networks

Interfaith Alliance

The Iona Community - See under 'Lesbian and gay'.

Religious Tolerance - Religious groups' policies and beliefs about homosexuality.

The Christian Faith

Welcoming Christian Church Directory - a world-wide directory of gay-friendly churches - find a place or community to worship in and belong to.

The European Forum of Lesbian and Gay Christian Groups working for equality for lesbian and gay people within and through the Christian churches of Europe.

AXIOS Eastern and Orthodox Gay and Lesbian Christians.

The Lesbian and Gay Christian movement is a UK-based international charity, an ecumenical inclusive church organisation; membership is open to all Christians, not just LGBT people but their parents and families too.

two:23 a gay-affirming network of Christians, connected by LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) issues, which meets quarterly in London

Christians at Pride a collaboration between LGCM, Accepting Evangelicals, Two:23 Network, Changing Attitude, Diverse Church, The Soho Gathering, LGBT Catholics Westminster Group, Changing Attitude, the Sibyls and the MCC churches of London.

@Diverse_Church Diverse Church is a supportive community of 80 young LGBT+ Christians in UK evangelical churches.

The Metropolitan Community Church is a Christian Church for LGBT communities.


The Inclusive Church is for Anglican Church followers who support inclusion.

Changing Attitude is an LGBT Anglican network.

Modern Church.


Catholic group linked to LGCM

The Soho Masses - a Catholic Mass for LGBT people and their families is held at St Anne's Church in Soho, London, every first and third Sunday of the month, at 5pm.

Quest, a group for lesbian and gay Catholics - Helpline/Skype 0808 808 0234, 7-10pm (freephone)


Courage - an Evangelical organisation for lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians.

The Evangelical Fellowship An inclusive gay-affirming fellowship for Christians of all sexual orientations and gender identity


United Methodists for LGBT concerns.


Affirming Baptists The Baptist network affirming Lesbian and Gay Christians.

Other Faiths

The Hindu Faith

Galva - Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association

The Jewish Faith

The Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group

The Muslim Faith

Imaan is a website for Muslim lesbians and gays. Choose: 'For Parents'.

The Safra Project, for lesbian, bisexual and/or trangender women who identify as Muslim religiously and/or culturally.

The Quilliam Foundation is a Muslim organisation seeking to challenge extremist ideology.

The Sikh Faith

Sarbat, for followers of the Sikh religion.


The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association promotes an enlightened and rational approach to homosexuality.


Affirmation - Gay and Lesbian Mormons serves the needs of gay Mormon women and men, as well as bisexual and transgender LDS and their supportive family and friends, through social and educational activities.


'A Guide for Families and Friends' Cassette in Hindi: £2.00 each from FFLAG.

'Black people need to stop treating homosexuality as if it's a white man's disease...' See Topher Campbell's article: 'Black, gay and invisible' at

Gay Muslims made homeless by family violence - A UK charity is dealing with an increasing number of young gay Muslims becoming homeless after fleeing forced marriages and so-called honour violence.